David Gardiner-Hill - Club Chairman - 2nd Nov 2019

Recovering finances

The new Artificial Grass Pitch [AGP] and the lease with Hornsby House has revolutionised our paltry finances.  BISC has struggled for years, but is gladly now able to stand on its own feet.  We pay back the major interest free AGP loan from Hornsby House School at a rate of £15k per annum and this reduces the rent they pay us.

We have set conservative financial objectives and need to build a contingency fund.  We also have a duty in contract to reserve money for a new AGP surface when the current one wears thin, roughly 7-10 years.  Therefore we plan to put £10k per annum each, into a Contingency reserve and an AGP reserve.

Having set our finances on track we will look to work on our project list which is illustrated in the property report and look to pay back our loan to the rugby club.

To run your 'mother club' on a day to day basis, and to build for the future requires a team of volunteers.  We never have enough, either working with the Bar and Catering team (House) or with the Grounds Team, or working on strategic or tactical projects with the Property Working Party.  Please do step forward if you can provide either significant skills or simply good old hard work.

Two tier board - strategic and tactical - Currently the Sections appoint two represetatives each to the Management Committee of BISC which acts as the strategic board of the club, and these double up on the board of BISOL which runs day to day operations.  Over time we plan to expand the team and have different people running the club, one team for longer term vision (strategy), and another team driving day to day success (tactics).  Our structure already allows for this, so please do put yourself forward either directly to your BISC Representatives, Section management or please do approach the Chairman.

I have worked for about 15 years on securing the club's property and building the AGP. We also have a local community sports partnership which represents our needs to the Springfield Hospital to try and get the best out of the park that will appear over the hedge in a couple of years time.  It has always been our objective to secure both full size adult pitches and a large area suitable to allow all the Minis to play together in one area.  I am handing these duties over to a new team which I hope will emerge in the next few months uner Toby Wait's leadership, he in turn plans to hand the Club Hospitality Management over to John Freestone.  They are both very welcome, please do encourage them in their new roles.  Toby congratulations on your progress with Alan and his team, firm foundations and lots of progress this year from which John can build.  See the House report for further detail.

Our Treasurer has now got a replacement in Daniel Horscroft (rugby seniors), a qualified accountant.  Dan will take over as we move in to 2020 and Phil will clear up the 2018 and 2019 accounts.  Our thanks to Phil Wright for all his hard work and thank you to Dan for filling the void.

We are looking forward to 2020 with a spring in our step and hope to be able to make continuous improvements to the club, both with our improved income and the hard work and perseverance of our team.

Please always remember when talking to our team that almost all are Volunteers and certainly all deserve your respect.  They are hard working club members, NOT servants.  Before instructing them on the club's shortfalls, please consider how you could contribute.