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Remembrance Sunday at Ironsides

With thanks to Zoe our Mini Rugby Secretary: Given our relationship with the Royal Tank Regiment and as a Club that respects the past and sacrifice, Remembrance Sunday is an important part of our season.

Please make sure that you stop all play well before 11am to bring everyone together: players, volunteers, parents to respect the 2 min silence.

In the past we have used various approaches to making the silence land with more impact including reading “for the fallen” or the Tank Regiment poem.

Why is Remembrance Sunday significant for our Nation and our Club:

• Ironsides Rugby Football Club was founded in 1943 by Colonel E.H. St.Maur Toope of the 42nd Royal Tank Regiment Cadet Battalion (RTR).

• 'Ironsides' was the nickname given to the MK1 tanks used in WW1 which remains the focal point of the RTR badge today and before that to Cromwell's troops.

• The RTR is currently engaged around the world including places like South Korea.

• The RTR has two central mottos that the Club has adopted:

o 'Fear Naught' – literally meaning – Fear Nothing

o 'From Mud, through Blood, to the Green Fields beyond'

o Our club colours: red, green and black represent the black beret of the tank regiment, and the red and green of this motto.

• Nearly 1m British soldiers have given their lives in war over the past 200 years. The total death toll from war is many millions.

• In Afghanistan and Iraq over 700 British personnel have died.

• On Remembrance Sunday we observe a 2 minutes silence across the whole of the country to honour those that have died in war whether British, or our allies, or our enemies.

This year there will be a Memorial Match celebrating our association with the Royal Tank Regiment on 16th November at Garrett Green at 3pm.

All our encouraged to attend.

Thanks for your support to this important tradition.

2,3 Ironsides


The Royal Tank Regiment Poem.

What manner of men are these?

These armoured warriors of the Queen,

The black beret they wear with pride,

The enemy dead tells where they have been.

To join their ranks you have to prove

You can pass the course without a tear,

To know that you can be trusted,

To fight by their sides and show no fear.

These men are hard but still can show

Compassion to a beaten foe,

They fight hard and fight to win,

Surrender is a word they do not know.

The Royal Tank Solider is hard to beat,

They are warriors of a special breed,

Fear Naught is their motto,

And Fear Naught they do in deed.

If you have one for a friend,

Then a friend in deed he will be too,

Treat him right and you will find

That he will sacrifice himself for you.

These men have a code of honour,

That you might not understand,

But once you get to know them,

You will wish you were part of that Band.


Another introductory speech used by coaches in the past to put the silence in context for Ironsides before the 11am two minutes silence

Today is Remembrance Sunday

The terrible First World War ended at 11 o’clock on the eleventh day of the eleventh month

Ever since, we have gathered together on this Sunday to remember ALL THOSE who have died and been badly hurt in wars

The first world war, the second world war,

More recently in the Falklands, in Iraq and very poignantly in Afghanistan


They shall grow not old, As we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, Nor the years condemn, At the going down of the sun And in the morning We will remember them.


Now we will have two minutes silence with millions around the country

and around the world –

to remember our brave servicemen

who have died

so that we can live in Freedom and Safety

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