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Club Structure: Services
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BISC - Our Members Club

BISC is an unincorporated members club, made up of FOUR Constituent Sections, Rugby, Football, Cricket and Junior Sport. BISC has objects as set out in our constitution - RULES - and day to day controls set out in our Regulations.

The club is run by a Management Committee with a Chairman, Treasurer, and a Secretary, and made up of Eight Players Representatives, two appointed by each of the Constituent Sections.

Chairman:    Christopher Dixon

Treasurer:    vacant (please volunteer

Secretary:    vacant (please volunteer)

Rugby:        Bob Hughes  

Football:     Jean Peddle and Robert McMahon

Cricket:       Andy Benzeval and Tom Filipinski

Junior Sports: 

Strategic decisions or changes to the Objects of the Club require Unanimity of the Sections.

BISC Control Structure.JPG


BISOL - Our Operations Company

All services, the Club House, Bar and Catering and Grounds Operations are provided by BISOL.

BISOL was formed to:

  • perform the operational duties needed by BISC.

  • provide services to the constituent Sections, Associate Sections and other commercial users

  • with the specific purpose of limiting the liability of the Directors

  • and limiting the liability to our prime asset, the sports ground.

Under the Board of Directors which currently mirrors the Management Committee of BISC, we have a:

  • Finance & General Purpose Committee

  • Grounds Committee,

  • House Committee and a

  • Property Working Party.

Each of the Directors serves on one of the Committees, each committee has a Chair.

Committee Roles – Directors Should serve on at least one sub committee.
Finance & General Purposes Committee -  Members: Tom Filipinski, SA Ledgers
F&GP employs a Chartered Accountancy Practice, SA Ledgers,  who advise F&GP on accounting and staff matters and looks after the accounts, book keeping and incidental expenses. F&GP handles all matters normally coming under the Treasurer or the Secretary in the Constitution and all matters concerning Staff or Contracts.
Grounds Committee - Chair: Eric Ferebee - Members: Richard Cotgrove, Tony Sculz, Mick Peddle and Wendy Price - Grounds Maintenance is performed by Jordans.

House Committee - Chair: Hafis Shariff - Members: Chris Dixon, Andrew Benzeval, Jean Peddle, Rob McMahon (Property). 
The House Committee is looking for a new Franchisee for the restart, contact the Chair.

Property Working Party - Chair: Vacant - Members: Rob McMahon
Hon Architect: vacant, Hon Surveyor: vacant, Hon Property Solicitor: Jones Day (David A Roberts)

VOLUNTEERS - Almost everyone is a volunteer at the club, please do ask if you can help - email one of the chairs and offer your assistance - if you don't help, costs will spiral.

We are a 'NOT FOR PROFIT' any suplus we make is put back into the club.
Our financial objectives are:
1. For our AGP we have to build a reserve fund to replace the carpet and surface every 7-10 years, we will reserve £10,000 per annum to that purpose starting in 2018

2. To build a reserve and contingency fund aiming for a Contingency Reserve fund at least £50,000 at a rate of £10,000 per annum .

3. When we have suceeded in these sensible conservative objectives we will embark on our project list, see Property

Incorporated in England & Wales, A Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee.

Registered No: 9369674

VAT Registration No. 208 267 020

BISC Property Ownership.JPG


LMPFE - Our Freehold Single Purpose Vehicle [SPV]

A joint venture between BISC and The Spencer Club sponsored by the London Marathon Charitable Trust.  To enable the London Marathon to sponsor the purchase of our ground we needed to apply for funding together with our good friends and neighbours, we set up a 50/50 JV vehicle and in 2010 issued 999 year leases at a peppercorn rent to The Spencer Club and Battersea Ironsides Properties Limited.

The interest of the unincorporated members clubs in LMPFE is represented by two nominal trustees.

Our playing fields are in a conservation area, are Metropolitan Open Land and are heavily covenanted for sporting use.

We are members of Fields in Trust and the National Playing Fields Association who have complete control over any development on our land. We are also a Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field which gives us special grant status.

BISC is represented on the board of LMPFE by David Gardiner-Hill and David Solomon. The Spencer Club by Ross Newby and Rob Cannock.

LMPFE has some minor duties in the form of gaining approval for any development.

London Marathon Playing Fields Earlsfield Limited [LMPFE] is incorporated in England & Wales.
A Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered No: 7509678.

BISC Property Ownership.JPG


BIPL - Our Leasehold SPV - Holds the lease of the Battersea Ironsides Sports Ground.

BIPL holds a 999 year peppercorn rent lease of BISG from LMPFE.

The Rugby, Football, Cricket and Junior Sports Constituent Sections of BISC effectively own the ground for the longer term in the form of a 25% shareholding for each in this master lease holding company.

These shareholdings are represented on the board of BIPL by one appointed representative from each section.
Rugby - Steven Wood
Football - Kevin Harman
Cricket - David Solomon
Juniors -

BIPL only ever gets involved in delivery of Leases - we have currently given two 35 year leases granted in 2017, firstly to BISOL for BISG on a peppercorn rent, and secondly a timeshare lease giving some rights to use of the ground to Hornsby House Educational Trust during their term, weekday from 1100 to 1730.  This commercial lease attracting a significant service charge to BISOL was granted in return for help with the funding of the AGP Project.

Battersea Ironsides Property Limited [BIPL] is incorporated in England & Wales.
A Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee Registered No: 7473154.

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What are they for?

We had very good legal advice when we restructured both BIRFC and BISC and purchased our Sports Ground.

Both LMPFE and BIPL are Single Purpose Vehicles and are dormant by design. We never wish to put our precious ground at risk.

These Companies must never perform any activities which may incur liabilities of any sort.



Some useful detail

Ironsides Rugby - Battersea Ironsides Rugby Football Club Limited is registered with
the Financial Conduct Authority as a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society [C&CBS]
which is a mutual society - Registered Number: 30395R
BIRFC Ltd has a Constition made up of The Rules and The Regulations.

BIRFC Ltd is affiliated to the Rugby Football Union [RFU] and Surrey Rugby

BICC and BIFC are unincorporated member's clubs, we will put their Constitutions here in due course.
Battersea Ironsides Cricket Club [BICC] is affiliated to the England and Wales Cricket Board [ECB]
Battersea Ironsides Football Club [BIFC] is affiliated to the Football Association [FA]

Battersea Ironsides Junior Sports  [BIJS] is currently a concept, stated in the BISC Constitution as the junior sports of BISC "acting together"  A Constitution for BIJS is in Draft form (Oct19).

Registered Address for ALL Sections and Companies: Openview, Burntwood Lane, London SW17 0AW

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